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Kids Earrings By Lamarque-M

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Buy Kids Earrings Online – Jewellery Designs

Kids are the bundle of joy for every parent and grandparent out there. We look for the best toys, best dresses, best shoes, and best accessories to add cuteness to the already cutest human.

La marque-M, keeping the cuteness and innocence of your bundle of joys in mind, has added a new collection and buy these Kids' earrings Jewellery from the La marque-M existing list of luxury jewels collection.

The collection of Kids' Jewellery has Kids' earrings in its basket. These kid's earrings of La Marque-M weigh less than 2 grams. The weight of the kid's earrings is kept under control, so they are easy to wear by your little girl for a longer time without any hindrance in her joyful days.

La marque-M kid’s earring collection is available in 14kt and 18kt gold embodying an irresistible charm with adornments that exude warmth, sophistication, and a hint of luxury.

The 14kt and 18kt gold are known for their endurance, which makes the earring everlasting jewelry for your kid and memory when she grows up to be a big girl. La marque-M’s Kid earrings use the beautiful motif of flowers, cartoons, and various other shapes that resonate with the playfulness of your child. Every earring from the kid’s jewellery of La marque-M becomes the most prices possession of your child and the first fine jewellery of her life.

Buy kid’s earrings from La Marque-M that are crafted with precision, care, and love to add glimmer to your young bustling kids. Let these beautiful kid’s earrings crafted in gold and diamond become the cherished memory of childhood of your kid. These stunning earrings are the symbol of joy and laughter in the finest luxurious way.

All the kid's earrings of La Marque-M, namely Butterfly Kids earrings, Cake Kids earrings, and Minion Kids earrings few among the many in the collections are all crafted in gold and have enamel art to craft the details of the tiny earrings made specially for the bundle of joy.

All the kids' earrings of the La Marque-M are very budgeted and come under the price band of 15,000 and below.


Kids Earrings FAQ's


What earrings can kids wear?


Kids can wear light weighted studs crafted in metal like pure silver or gold. As these metals will not cause any allergic reactions to the soft and sensitive skin of your child.

What are first earrings called?


First earrings of your kids are most light weighted studs with cute motifs. These earrings must not weigh more than 2 grams. The lighter the studs the better it is.

What size are kid's earrings?


Size of the stud must stay within 10mm and must weigh less than 2 grams including the stoppers.

Can kids sleep with earrings?


It is better to take the earrings off at night, as it will help relax the child better.

How do you clean earrings?


It's better to clean the earring on a regular basis, then it can be washed and cleaned with hot water and then just wipe the earring with dry cloth.

What is your return policy for kids' earrings?


All products unworn/unused are eligible for return and exchange, within 7 days and 15 days, respectively.

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