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La marque-M, known for its commitment to simplicity, has recently unveiled a new line of collections called The Royal Polki Collection. This collection exudes a sense of royalty while maintaining an aesthetic of minimalism.

Each design within this collection is one-of-a-kind and radiates luxury and prestige. Traditionally, polki jewellery is reserved for special occasions such as weddings and family functions. However, La marque-M aims to infuse that regal essence into our everyday style. Thus, the birth of the ROYAL POLKI COLLECTION.

La marque-M has successfully brought the elegance of diamond polki jewellery into our daily accessories. Polki jewellery holds great cultural significance on its own, with intricate detailing that showcases the skill and expertise of our artisans. The Polki diamond jewellery in this collection has been meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans from Bengal.

The Royal Polki collection by La marque-M offers a variety of gold pendants with chains, polki earrings, delicate polki rings, and lightweight polki bracelets. Each design in every jewellery category is unique, reflecting the creativity and artistic expressions of our craftsmen. Not only is the Royal Polki collection aesthetically beautiful, but it also incorporates a touch of contemporary design.

This collection consists of a total of 15 pieces of jewellery, each with its own unique story to tell. To maintain the quality of every piece of our collection, La marque-M undertakes various quality checks at each point of production. Each piece of art is hallmarked by authorized government agencies and has a HUID number associated with it. The diamonds used in the jewellery are certified by Internationally renowned labs like IGI, and IDT.

The Royal Polki collection offered by La marque-M, a premier online jewellery store, encompasses a luxurious blend of heritage, skillful artistry, and profound cultural significance, transcending mere embellishment. This distinct collection is a sophisticated and stylish new inclusion to your treasure trove of jewellery, exuding exclusivity and charm while remaining affordable without sacrificing quality.

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