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Pendants are ornaments derived from the primitive practice of wearing talismans or amulets around the neck. The practice of wearing pendants dates back from the stone age. In those times pendants consisted of teeth, bones, stones, shells, and any other natural suspended with a thread or so and worn around the neck.

But as time passed, technology evolved, human needs and desires changed, pendants shaped accordingly with time and nature.

Thus pendants became a part of jewellery from an age we can't even think about. Our ancestors wore them, we are adorning them, and generations to come will also wear different kinds of pendants crafted in various kinds of metal with various gemstones.

A beautiful diamond necklace around the neck always adds glamour to your complete look. A necklace can completely change your look and if the chosen necklace isn't right, it might break the look. Always be cautious about choosing the right accessory. But a light weighted delicate pendant will always be apt to go with any kind of look. Be it a glamorous evening date, a casual outing, or a family get-together. Light-weighted diamond pendants are the best accessory to have. You don't need to think before wearing the minimalistic designer diamond pendant from La Marque-M.

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